Topic: debug version available?

Is there a debug version or option available?

Something that might echo to the screen the flash vars used as well as the actual "you are el" paths being read for the xml and img files?

I'm having a fun time chasing down offending "you are L" paths as the swf sits in one "common" folder and the gallery xml and images sit off in another directory.

Maybe a secret key combo that pulls up a debug screen?

Maybe what might help me figure out where I'm missing something is confirmation of what I think I've read... all relative "you are Ls" (xml location, image locations is relative to the page that is being served (unless absolute paths set)??


Re: debug version available?

sorry for the "you are el" and "you are L" stuff... but a bit limited in posting still...

you - U

are - R

el  - L


Re: debug version available?

there is no debug version of TiltViewer. To track down bad urls you can use the free 'firebug' plugin for firefox. It will show what urls the swf is trying to load.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.