Topic: Morfeoshow-Simpleviewer in joomla

Hi everyone.

I've got a problem with configuration of my gallery.
It doesn't show me titles and/or descriptions of my photos, although I set them in photo attributes. I checked photo title showing option in gallery settings, too. I did all these things in my Administrator's Panel.

I'm wondering where I can change any of settings of this gallery barring this simple way.

I was checking the imageviewer.php file, but there is no all options and settings of this gallery.
In turn the xml file doesn't include any information about 'technical' settings. In an usual Simpleviewer gallery all settings are just in xml file.
So... maybe this kind of Morfeoshow's gallery hasn't got such option like photo title dispaying?

I'll be grateful for any ideas and possible solutions.

Re: Morfeoshow-Simpleviewer in joomla


please post Morfeoshow questions in the Morfeoshow forum.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.