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Greetings, noob to most things html, js, swf here (sorry if this is a dumb question!)

Since Adobe Reader/Acrobat can now embed and run FLV and SWF files natively in pdf files, I'm wondering if there's any way to use SimpleViewer (free or Pro) to create a swf or flv gallery that I could put in a pdf? (I.e., ditch the html part, I guess…)


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Since SV is designed to run in multiple chunks (images, thumbs, xml, html, swf...) it would be a major rewrite. 

So yes it's possible, but you will need to import all of the images, all of the xml options, and everything else it uses as well. 

As far as I can tell anyway, that's the only way to make it happen. 

If someone else has another idea.......


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Thanks, JaminOne…

But are you referring to SV Pro, or to both? SV free depends on being loaded from an html file, right? That's how I've always used it so far.

I'm been trying to figure out if this line from the SVPro page ("…embedding SimpleViewer in an HTML page and a Flash Movie") means that you can create an FLV file with the pro version which can run on its own, without an html file to run it in…?

Apparently the process for embedding flv or swf files into pdfs in Acrobat 9 includes a step for adding any necessary supporting files, but AFAIK, html files can't be embedded or run inside pdfs; they can be linked to, but will open in a browser…


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"…embedding SimpleViewer in an HTML page and a Flash Movie"

The docs also mention looking at the examples in the svp set, and in those example folders, things are all still in separate folders within them.  Embed in html page means call from html page.  Embed in flash movie is same concept.

The images, thumbs and xml page are still separate and called from the viewer.swf movie, in both free and pro forms.

Thus, if the Acrobat can include supporting files, that may mean that it can include the images, etc.  The html page is only used as a way to get a web browser to load the swf movie.   Browser opens html page, then that page calls on the viewer swf.  So if the images can be included as 'supporting files' then the resulting pdf will be equivalent to an html page in a browser.

This sounds cool if it works.  Check with acrobat to see what supporting files really includes.


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I don't have Acrobat 9 Pro or Extended yet, but I do have Ted Padova's Acrobat 9 PDF Bible. Here's what it says under the heading of Importing Flash:

Double-Click the Flash tool to import a Flash FLV or SWF file… The Resources tab enables you to bind a file, multiple files or a directory of files to video.

Interestingly, I just noticed that it also describes how Acrobat 9 (Pro or Extended) can convert a web page that includes a swf file to pdf:

…the SWF files play as movies in the converted PDF.(!)

I'll try both when Acrobat 9 gets here, and post the results. If anybody's already got, it, feel free to post here ASAP!


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I was able to create a PDF version of a SimpleViewer (free) gallery I'd made earlier for a web site, with Acrobat Pro 9, using the Create PDF from File… command. I used the advanced tabs in the dialog to add all the files and folders (except the html file) before it compiled. Pretty cool, eh?

It's a bit weird in that you have to view the pdf at at least 150% to see the pix full size, but it's a good start, don'tcha think?

(Acrobat arrived TODAY, the 25th, Fedex express, from Adobe, and it was just the trail version; cost me $11 for the disks, express shipping free… I'm impressed!)

I also tried to create a pdf from the actual web page, but that didn't go as well; the SimpleViewer part of the page never loaded…

btw, I tried to post a download link so anybody could check out the file, but I guess I haven't posted enough yet; kept getting an error. Write me if you want the link:
dpcoffin at earthlink dot net

Happy Hols,

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could you tell me how you managed to embed simpleviewer in pdf? i always get a "gallery not found" error... thanks!

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Please see my reply to your query in this thread: … p?id=14619

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team