Topic: Lightroom 2 and Simpleviewer

bought the Simpleviewer pro yesterday. My goal is to work with it in Lightroom 2. I figured out I can modify the gallery.xml and then later on replace the gallery.xml which is currently in the Lightroom webengine (under: C:Program FilesAdobeAdobe Photoshop Lightroom 2sharedwebenginessimpleviewer.lrwebengine) with the new modified one.

But how about the other modifications I can do within the .as file (e.g. ""). All the files which are in the source folder....? There is no source folder in Lightroom.

... am I off track here with this source folder....?

Please get back to me on this one.

Thanks a lot - pete

Re: Lightroom 2 and Simpleviewer

Hi Felix, somehow the previous posts to this topic have been deleted.

I am still having the problem / question as to the files in the source folder.

How become the changes in the .as files affected if Lightroom does not touch them...?

This might be a stupid question, excuse me but I am a bit of a newbie to all of this...

Thanks Pete

btw: happy new year ! :-)

Re: Lightroom 2 and Simpleviewer

Sorry, damn this was a stupid question. Now the penny dropped. I modify the file and then by republishing it it affects the viewer.swf...!

So this beginners problem solved.