Topic: very long images

Hi everybody, I have a question regarding Simple Viewer Pro. On my website, I have some very long images. These images, when sized to 1000 pixels in width, at 72 dpi, are only 77 pixels high, which makes viewing the content very difficult. My current solution is to make a bit of a collage image, where I put the small version of the image on top, and then add an enlarged two-frame detail to give people an idea of what is going on.

What I'd prefer is, when people load the image, it would pop up to a full 640 height, and then they could scroll along to see the rest of the sequence.

Here is a link to the page in question, the longer images are on the second page of thumbnails:

www benjaminwooten com/gallery_photographs/bw_photographs html

Perhaps what I am looking to do is beyond the scope of these forums, however I thought I'd ask? Thanks for any advice/help you might be able to offer!

Very best,