Topic: Jalbum . Pro . Install

Jalbum 2.14 . Tiltviewer Pro . Replaced .swf with 120k Pro TiltViewer .swf by renaming. No problems on that . Viewer comes up without bottom right icon . Good on that . putting a copy of the pro .swf in older files brings up the no icon screen so we're good on that . but >

No more options on tilt menu "settings" button than previous version . Nothing in any html or .css after making a new album that shows me its updated with ex: change color of flip icon, or any of the "pro" options.

Would someone be kind enough to help guide the ship to fruition.

Re: Jalbum . Pro . Install


To upgrade the Jalbum TiltViewer Skin to TiltViewer-Pro, please follow the steps in the docs section 4.1: … ml#upgrade

You will know if you are using the Pro version if the download link is missing at bottom-right. Configuring Pro options can be done by manually editing the generated HTML document.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.