Topic: HELP!! Embedding Simpleviewr into a flash website HELP"

Sorry this has most likley been asked before, however I cant seem to find any theads on this forum about it, and ive done a forum search..etc

I have used simpleviwer on normal html pages, tho I dont even know where to start about embedding it into a flash site. I have read all the documentation, but Im just so darn confused here, like as i said i dont even
know where to even start here.

Im not that great with action script, or html coding, Im more of a designer.

Dose anyone know of any website with a "NOVICE" step by step tutorial on
how to make a gallery with simpleviewr and somhow have it built into a flash

At the moment im building galleries with the photoshop plugin, so i know how to build a gallery there, but how to i build one the same way with flash..?

Im just so confused here, its turning into a nightmare, ive tryed many things trying to get this to work, but as explained Im not even sure if
I know what im doing.

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Re: HELP!! Embedding Simpleviewr into a flash website HELP"

SimpleViewer-Pro includes examples of how to embed SimpleViewer into a shell swf.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.