Topic: Help: making thumbnails display full image?

Hello, me again, sorry for the new topic post so soon after my previous one.

Was curious to know if theres a way to make the thumbnails display the full image. Ive managed to work out how to make the thumbnails larger, but simpleview is cropping the images in the thumbnails so the picture is going off the edge.

This woulnt normaly be such an issue, but the site im working on is a for a clothing shop and, i need to have each thumbnail display the full image (in this case a model wearing clothing" ... i guess I could fiddle about in photoshop and give each thumbnail a border (bleed) manualy, but as u can image that will take some time.

any help would be good

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Re: Help: making thumbnails display full image?

How do I get a lightbox effect, ie., when the image in a gallery is clicked, it enlarges quite a bit?

Re: Help: making thumbnails display full image?

Use your photo software to reduce the thumbnail size (the file in the thumbs directory) so that the longest edge is 50-60 pixels, but keeping the aspect ratio constant.  Leave the images in the images directory alone.  If the image in the thumbs directory is too big, simpleviewer will just extract a 50x50 or 60x60 pixel region out of the center.

(Ira, you should start a new topic for your question - no one will see it buried in this unrelated thread.)

-- Paul