Topic: multiple gallery, svmanager, follow up post

I'm trying to make multiple galleries, in a Flash template.  For the most part it works fluidly, except when I incorporate it with the svmanager. After much experimentation, this is what I want to do.

I have multiple galleries, each with its own SV folder, that contains its own Options AS and swf. However, the first SV always overrides all other SV's following.

I found this post and it describes my problem, I think.

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Felix's response: "This happens because the first Options class loaded overides the others. The solution is to set the Options for each gallery in the shell FLA when the SWF is loaded. Check the onLoadInit() function in the SV-Pro 'multiple_galleries.fla' for an example of how to do this."

I just don't really understand what this means. Can anyone or Felix please explain this in further detail. Thanks a lot everyone.

Re: multiple gallery, svmanager, follow up post

Open the 'multiple_galleries.fla' example in the SV-Pro download using Flash Authoring software.

Look at the code in the first frame of the main timeline. You will see a function called onLoadInit(). The code in this function sets unique options for each gallery. Modify this code to set the options you require.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.