Topic: Position of Image Arrows Prev & Next on the image

Is it possible to change the position of the Next and Previous arrows as they are displayed on the main image in a NON fixed layout or fixed layout which is not my preference?

For Example:

Other than centered on the main image edge.
Alligned at the bottom (right and left arrows)?
Aligned at the top (right and left arrows)?
Both Next and Prevoius image arrows on the right one above the other?

I have searched the code extensively and cannot find the command that aligns it to the center of the image.

My experience level is intermidate, please excuse my confusion.


Re: Position of Image Arrows Prev & Next on the image

The code to position the image navigation buttons is in the ImageArea class in the resizeImageNavButtons() function. The positioning of the button hotspots happens in the setSize() function.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.