Topic: Works in IE, not Firefox or Safari - RESOLVED

UPDATE, PROBLEM RESOLVED: Short version - I have now gotten SV to work in all three of my browsers. I turned off hotlink protection, and all browsers work now, not just IE. I went to my .htaccess file (in my public_html folder), and deleted all the hotlink protection code, then saved this edited .htaccess file. That took off the hotlink protection, and allowed SV to work not just in IE, but also in Firefox and Safari (all Windows).

Long Version: For some reason, my webserver turned on hotlink protection when it had not been on when I started the process of embedding SV.  Since the hotlinking protection was initially not turned on, and I was having difficulty getting SV to function when I began embedding SV, I must have been troubleshooting for a different problem at the time. Then for some reason, they turned hotlink protection on in the midst of my troubleshooting. My initial problem had something to do with renaming files, and/or putting them in the correct folder and/or setting the correct paths. But, now that I have all the SV files inside my public_html folder, and hotlink protection turned off, and all paths set to the paths generated by SV when I made the gallery, all browsers allow SV to work properly.


Site: ashbytown com
page embedded in: ashbytown com/id27.html

I embedded SV into an existing page.

The first and seventh picture in the gallery appear correctly, but the others don't, and neither do the thumbnails appear. I can click on any of the X's where the thumbnails should be, and then by Right Clicking the large X where the large image should be, another window opens up showing the image that should be displayed in the SV (this Right Click opening the image is as it should be, but why does the image not show in SV?).

Used Picasa 3 to make the SV gallery.

UPDATE: the above was in Firefox. Now, in Firefox, without having made any changes, none of the pictures appear inside the gallery, but the Right Click function still works. But, I did check it out in IE, and it works as it should. ??? What gives? In Safari (windows version), no images or thumbs appear, and the Right Click function does not work. ??? Any ideas what's going on?

I did change the name of the gallery's "index.html" to "rettgallery.html", if that makes a difference. I couldn't get any function (except "gallery not found") when I tried putting the gallery files inside their own folder (at least in Firefox, not sure if putting the files in their own folder would work in other browsers)

Re: Works in IE, not Firefox or Safari - RESOLVED

thanks for the update.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.