Topic: Blurry thumbnails, source size will not change

I'm using Lightroom 2, Fixed Layout.  I've followed all the steps to create thumbs that are 156 x 100 but the source files generated are only 100 x 64 so I end up seeing a Very Blurry 156 x 100 thumbnail in my gallery.

I change the file, save, publish, copy the viewer.swf file deep in Lightroom's contents folder.  But when I export I still get 100 x 64 thumbnails.  Everything else seems to change accordingly.

How do I fix this? Thanks![/img]

Re: Blurry thumbnails, source size will not change

To change the size of the thumbnails generated by lightroom, edit the XML file in this location:

/Applications/Adobe Lightroom
(you will need to right-click and select 'Show package Contents' a couple of times)

C:Program FilesAdobeAdobe Photoshop Lightroom 2sharedwebenginessimpleviewer.lrwebengine/galleryMaker.xml

do a search for this line:

<size name="thumb" width="100" height="100" directory="thumb" />

replace 100 with your desired width  and height.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Blurry thumbnails, source size will not change

I assume I should change this also?  Found just below other line.

<mx:Model id="photoSizes">