Topic: Troubleshoot me


I have succesfully hosted a website

(www brushfire net)

I then embeded the simpleviewer player on my myspace page

(www myspace com/zeroxnone)

the troubleshoot

I can get the simpleviewer to run on my myspace page, but it doesnt always load right, sometimes it doesnt load at all

I usually have to keep an open browser at (www brushfire net) in order for it to load on the myspace 100% of the time, but if a few hours go by and I dont scroll through the images on simpleviewer the next time I visit myspace it doesnt load simple viewer Also ive checked on other computers and browsers and those have the same issue and dont load at all, even if I follow the order I used above

Please someone take a look and give some solutions for this to work 100% of the time

I hosted (www brushfire net) at (freehostia com)
the only thing I can think of is the ten dollar hosting subscription doesnt offer enough power for another site to retrieve the info


Re: Troubleshoot me


can anyone look at the sites for me and see if anything is wrong