Topic: flash 10 >> no images loaded

Hi since I upgraded my flash version to v10 (pc nr 1) ,
the images of the tiltviewer don't get loaded.

on my laptop i have flash v9 ,
and there the images are loading ...

and on my other computer (pc nr 3 )
I have IE with flash v9,( images loading )
and firefox with flash v10 (images not loading)

I use TiltViewer-Pro v1.3.1.


www caja-design com/Caja/Beelden

What is happening, what do I do wrong?
thanks in advanced!

Re: flash 10 >> no images loaded

Works here in FF if I remove the 'www' from the url. Since you are using absolute paths for everything you need to keep the domain consistent or you will get a cross-domain security error.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.