Topic: Bug? Positioning next/previous thumb arrows


In the file, I've set the X position of 'backThumbArrow' to '0'. I have a single row of small thumbs and I want the arrows directly beneath them. 

The snag is, the arrows won't align with the edge of the thumb area - it's as if they are padded by about 25 pixels.

I've tried to post a link to a screen grab showing the problem, but the anti-spam-worrying robot got me... If you can be bothered, close the spaces with dots replace the * with a p.

htt*://homepages nildram co uk/~drissa/simpleviewer-arrow-issue gif

Any thoughts? I have a demanding client who is used to moving things around in Photoshop!


Re: Bug? Positioning next/previous thumb arrows


the rules for thumbnail placement are a little different when you only have 1 column of thumbs. Did you try setting the value to -25?

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.