Topic: Maybe a cache problem? a problem for sure...

I use simpleviewer with a php-document as the xml. That way i pass tags to the php, which generates the correct xml-feed and displays it. Now, I would like to add a login feature (lets call it login=1) where when active it adds a download hi-res picture link to the text of a picture.
Take a look at
pics danskoase dk/
and pics danskoase dk/?login=1

it works like a charm, but when i add tags to the picture,
pics danskoase dk/?tags=sommeroase&login=1
the flash doesn't read the xml right. There is no link, even though the xml is right: take a look at pics danskoase dk/vis.php?tags=sommeroase&login=1

In my logic, it might be caching, but does anybody have any idea?