Topic: Captions in Multi-Gallery Setup

On this website I am building, I initially removed the captions option. Now I need to add it back and am having difficulty doing so. I even made a new gallery from the source folder with captions showing up fine. When I copy over my viewer file to my site, the captions do not show up.

class com.airtightinteractive.apps.viewers.simpleViewer.Options {
    function Options(){};
    static var fixedLayout:Boolean = false; //Whether to used fixed layout of stage elements, or dynamic resizing based on browser window size          
    static var preloadImages:Boolean = true; //Whether to automatically preload images in the background 
    static var useSmoothing:Boolean = true; //Whether to smooth images
    static var enableMouseWheel:Boolean = false; //Whether to accept mouse wheel input to navigate images
    static var enableLooping:Boolean = true; //Whether navigating beyond last image goes back to first image    
    static var soundPath:String = null; //Relative or absolute path to optional music mp3 file.
    //Main Image    
    static var enableImageDownScaling:Boolean = true; //Whether images are resized smaller to fit stage (not used if fixedLayout == true)
    static var enableImageButtons:Boolean = true; //Whether to use image navigation buttons (arrow buttons that overlay the main image)
    static var hideImageButtonsOnRollOut:Boolean = true; //Whether to hide the image navigation buttons when the mouse is not rolled over them
    static var imageFadeLength:Number = 3; //Image fade tween length (frames)
    static var imageVAlign:String = "center"; //Vertical placment of the image within the square image area. Can be "center", "top" or "bottom".
    static var imageHAlign:String = "center"; //Horizontal placement of the image within the square image area. Can be "center", "left" or "right".
    static var thumbnailWidth:Number = 38; //pixels
    static var thumbnailHeight:Number = 28; //pixels    
    static var thumbnailPadding:Number = 5; //space between thumbs (pixels)
    static var showThumbnailVisited:Boolean = false; //Whether to show visited dogear icon
    static var showThumbnailLoadBar:Boolean = true; //Whether to show load bar on image load
    static var thumbnailFrameWidth:Number = 0; //pixels
    static var thumbnailRollOverFrameWidth:Number = 1;     //pixels
    static var thumbnailSelectedFrameOffset:Number = 0; //pixels that thumb frame is offset  when thumb is selected
    static var thumbnailLoadBarHeight:Number = 10; //pixels
    static var thumbnailClickShift:Number = 2;     //distance thumbnail moves on click (pixels)
    static var thumbnailLoadingAlpha:Number = 50; //alpha of thumbnail while image loads (percent)
    static var thumbnailMotionLength:Number = 15; //Thumb paging slide animation tween time (frames)
    static var showCaptions:Boolean = true; //Whether to show Image Captions    
    static var showTitle:Boolean = false; //Whether to show gallery title
    static var showCaptionOnRollover:Boolean = false; //Whether to show the image caption on thumbnail rollover
    static var captionUnderThumbs:Boolean = false; //Whether to show the captions under the thumbnails or the main image
    static var captionFontSize:Number = 13;
    static var titleFontSize:Number = 16;    
    static var captionPadding:Number = 10; //space between image and caption. Used if 'captionUnderThumbs' is false
    static var enablePlayButton:Boolean = false; //Whether to show play button for autoplay mode.
    static var playAtStart:Boolean = false; //Whether to automatically start playing.
    static var displayTime:Number = 5; //Number of seconds each image will display in autoplay mode.    
    //Back Button
    static var showBackButton:Boolean = false; //Whether to show optional back button
    static var backButtonText&#58;String = "<b>&lt; <u>Back</b></u>"; //Display text for optional back button
    //If these are not set, color are loaded from XML options
    //Color values are hex-numbers like this&#58; 0xFF00FF
    static var imageFrameColor&#58;Number = null; //color of main image frame and image nav buttons &#40;overrides XML 'frameColor' value&#41;
    static var thumbnailFrameColor&#58;Number = null; //color of thumbnail frames    &#40;overrides XML 'frameColor' value&#41;
    static var pagingArrowsColor&#58;Number = null; //color of thumbnail paging arrows &#40;overrides XML 'frameColor' value&#41;
    static var captionTextColor&#58;Number = null; //color of captions text &#40;overrides XML 'textColor' value&#41;
    static var titleTextColor&#58;Number = null; //color of title text &#40;overrides XML 'textColor' value&#41;
    //Fixed Layout Positions
    //These options are only used if 'fixedLayout' is set to true
    //ThumbArea width and Height are determined by columns, rows, thumbnailWidth, thumbnailHeight and thumbnailPadding
    static var imageAreaX&#58;Number = 10; //X posn of Image Area
    static var imageAreaY&#58;Number = 10; //Y posn of Image Area
    static var imageAreaWidth&#58;Number = 480; //width of Image Area
    static var imageAreaHeight&#58;Number = 480; //height of Image Area    
    static var thumbAreaX&#58;Number = 500; //X posn of Thumb Area
    static var thumbAreaY&#58;Number = 10; //Y posn of Thumb Area         
    static var backThumbArrowX&#58;Number = 0; //X posn of Back Thumb Arrow &#40;relative to top left of Thumb Area&#41;
    static var backThumbArrowY&#58;Number = 350; //Y posn of Back Thumb Arrow &#40;relative to top left of Thumb Area&#41;
    static var nextThumbArrowX&#58;Number = 200; //X posn of Next Thumb Arrow &#40;relative to top left of Thumb Area&#41;
    static var nextThumbArrowY&#58;Number = 350; //Y posn of Next Thumb Arrow &#40;relative to top left of Thumb Area&#41;    
    static var titleX&#58;Number = 10; //X posn of Title text
    static var titleY&#58;Number = 500; //Y posn of Title text
    static var titleWidth&#58;Number = 480; //width of Title text
    static var titleHeight&#58;Number = 20; //height of Title text        
    static var captionX&#58;Number = 10; //X posn of Title text
    static var captionY&#58;Number = 520; ///Y posn of Title text
    static var captionWidth&#58;Number = 480; //width of Title text
    static var captionHeight&#58;Number = 50; //height of Title text    
    static var downLoadLinkX&#58;Number = 600; //X posn of download link
    static var downloadLinkY&#58;Number = 600; //Y posn of download link
    static var backButtonX&#58;Number = 20; //X posn of optional back button
    static var backButtonY&#58;Number = 20; //Y posn of optional back button
    //XML Options Overrides
    //Setting these values will replace the values loaded from the XML doc
    static var maxImageWidth&#58;Number = null;
    static var maxImageHeight&#58;Number = null;
    static var frameWidth&#58;Number = null;
    static var stagePadding&#58;Number = null;
    static var navPadding&#58;Number = null;
    static var thumbnailColumns&#58;Number = null;
    static var thumbnailRows&#58;Number = null;
    static var navPosition&#58;String = null;  
    static var vAlign&#58;String = null;
    static var hAlign&#58;String = null;    
    static var title&#58;String = null;
    static var enableRightClickOpen&#58;Boolean = null; 
    static var backgroundImagePath&#58;String = null;     
    static var imagePath&#58;String = null;  
    static var thumbPath&#58;String = null;    


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<simpleviewerGallery maxImageWidth="500" maxImageHeight="335" textColor="0x7b390b" frameColor="0xffffff" frameWidth="20" stagePadding="40" navPadding="40" thumbnailColumns="2" thumbnailRows="8" navPosition="left" vAlign="center" hAlign="center" title="Gallery 4" enableRightClickOpen="false" backgroundImagePath="" imagePath="gallery4/images/" thumbPath="gallery4/thumbs/">
      <caption><!&#91;CDATA&#91;<a href="gallery4/large01.html">Zoom</a>&#93;&#93;></caption>
      <caption><!&#91;CDATA&#91;<a href="gallery4/large02.html">Zoom</a>&#93;&#93;></caption>
      <caption><!&#91;CDATA&#91;<a href="gallery4/large03.html">Zoom</a>&#93;&#93;></caption>
      <caption><!&#91;CDATA&#91;<a href="gallery4/large04.html">Zoom</a>&#93;&#93;></caption>
      <caption><!&#91;CDATA&#91;<a href="gallery4/large05.html">Zoom</a>&#93;&#93;></caption>  
      <caption><!&#91;CDATA&#91;<a href="gallery4/large06.html">Zoom</a>&#93;&#93;></caption>
      <caption><!&#91;CDATA&#91;<a href="gallery4/large07.html">Zoom</a>&#93;&#93;></caption>

The backstory on my site is, I used the multi-gallery method on a Gaia Flash Framework for each page 10 galleries so far.