Topic: Layout changes - using fla file of simple viewer pro?

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what do I have to do if i want some layout changes on simpleviewer like thumbnails on the right side and changing the thumbnail hover effects? Is it correct that I would have to edit the fla file? I think these cahnges can be done in simpleviewer pro. But I am using simpleviewer as a module that has been vreated for the CMS Website Baker, so I would have to stay with that version. Now, if I buy the pro version an edit the fla file - can I use it the free version?

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Re: Layout changes - using fla file of simple viewer pro?

Moving thumbnails can be done in the xml file that contains the image information. The top of mine looks like this:

<simpleviewerGallery maxImageWidth="1000" maxImageHeight="800" textColor="0xffffff" frameColor="0xffffff" frameWidth="1" stagePadding="3" thumbnailColumns="0" thumbnailRows="0" navPosition="bottom" title="" enableRightClickOpen="false" imagePath="medium/" thumbPath="small/">

You'd change the part that says navPosition="bottom".

Here's a link to your xml options:

www airtightinteractive com/simpleviewer/options.html

Changing thumbnail hover effects could be complicated. I think you'd need to get the pro version and edit the fla for that, but if you did, you should be able to drop in the pro viewer.swf into your CMS.

Most of this is in the Pro documentation and faq that you can find on the site e.g.

www airtightinteractive com/simpleviewer/pro/actionscript_options.html

Beware, it could get a bit deep if you stray from the built in customisation options.