Topic: Problem Embedding into HTML

Hi there,
I've got my gallery working properly but am having a problem embedding it into an existing HTML page.  I have followed the instructions here:

www airtightinteractive com/simpleviewer/examples/embedded/

Everything makes sense but I am having a problem when it says I need to put all the files generated by the gallery into the same main folder where my html page exists. 

I already have a file there called index.html and I already have a folder there called "images" which houses the graphics for my site.

How do I include all the necessary files if those file names already exist?  Obviously I can't just combine the "images" files because then it would place all my site graphic images into the simple viewer gallery.

I will have multiple galleries which need to remain separate for easy organization and for my own sanity.  Please advise on how I can achieve this.

Thanks much for your help!

Re: Problem Embedding into HTML

If you want the gallery in your index page you are going to need to edit your index and add some code.  If you don't want the gallery in your index rename the simpleviewer index file to something like gallery.html and link to in in your index.

Putting your image in the image folder should not add your site graphics to the gallery. Only images listed in the gallery XML files will show in your gallery.  You could change the name of one of the folders form images to img or photo or something else and then update the links if you want to keep them separate.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Problem Embedding into HTML

Thanks for your suggestions.  It didn't even dawn on me to create different names.  I guess I was thinking (because there are several files involved in the execution of the gallery), that they had to remain as they were created.

BTW...It worked!