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Hi there. I've made a gallery using picasa and have been trying with out luck to open the "index" page in komposer. I get the same old "SimpleViewer requires JavaScript and the Flash Player" promt when I try to open my gallery.  I was wondering if any one  here is succesfully running simple viewer with kompozer.  It seems fairly straight forward, but I'm stumped.

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Sorry for posting on the same topic as every one else, but I do have some developments.

People suggested that I use a stand alone ftp program to publish my files, so I went ahead and got "core ftp". It got the rest of my files published, but the simpleviewer gallery won't fly.

I called my web host tech support and he confirmed that they are not blocking hot links. When I first tried to upload the gallery, he told me there was an error message saying that the viewer.swf was missing. After a little search we got the viewer.swf file onto the server, but then an error message came up saying "swf object undefined".

Any input is more than welcome. Thanks in advance.

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It apears the problems so far have been with my pathways and labeling. Kind of tricky for a novice.

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Sorry I have no idea what kompozer is. To upload your simpleviewer gallery to a website, you just need to FTP the entire SimpleViewer folder to your web server.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

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No problem Felix. Kompozer is a free open source website building tool. The problem is not your guys end at all.  Kompozer is very basic and won't handle flash. I ended up getting a seperate ftp program and have been fine tuning the file names and path ways. I'd venture to guesss that the majority of people that have publishing issues have things mislabled or have pathways that are incorrect.

Learning this stuff has be like pulling teeth for a stubborn novice like me, but it does force you to learn it.

Thanks for creating and making available the perfect gallery software. I love it with out the slide show or buttons. Perfect.

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Oh, by the way, check out the site too.

It's metalheadfab dot net

Not bad for a site made with 100% free software by a computer dummy like me.

The viewer really brought it together, and I'm really pleased with the outcome. The "handrails" page is not made yet, but it will have another gallery too. Thanks again.