Topic: SimpleViewer-PRO buildable using MTASC?

I searched but found no references on this forum to MTASC (Motion Twin Action Script Compiler), the free open source AS2 compiler.

Does anyone have any experience using MTASC to build a customized version of SV-Pro?

Alternatively, what is the minimum development platform I need (smallest software footprint / least $$$) to do the Flash compiling necessary to build a customized SV-Pro?  I could not make heads or tails of Adobe's confusing website.

-- Paul

Re: SimpleViewer-PRO buildable using MTASC?


I haven't tried compiling SimpleViewer-Pro using MTASC but there is no reason why it shouldn't work.

Customizing SimpleViewer-Pro requires Adobe Flash 8 (or later) authoring software. A free, fully functioning 30-day trial of Flash can be downloaded here.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

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Re: SimpleViewer-PRO buildable using MTASC?

I have just purchased Autoviewer Pro and thinking the same as you, 'ptmcg'.

Did you ever managed to compile the source with MTASC? I have tried, but the compiler stops with a message about "class not found Strong" after a while. I believe it has something to do with the file locations/typing but up to now I have not concluded.

Could the Autoviewer Pro team  make an attempt and figure out which modifications (if any) are needed to the set-up?

That would have been a nice piece of service, and it will most likely also increase the number of potential customers of  Autovier Pro :-)


EDIT: I see that the initial question was related to Simpleviewer,  but assume it is of generic nature hence also applicable to Autoviewer Pro?

Re: SimpleViewer-PRO buildable using MTASC?

Now I can confirm it works OK, however some small adjustment a few places in the source is necessary.