Topic: Captions without thumbnails using javascript

I'd like to display captions on my simpleviewer pro gallery without having to display thumbnails. I don't want to use the fixed layout option, as I want to show large images without having to compromise for lower res displays.

As far as I can see, disabling the thumbnails takes away captions too, in scalable layout galleries.

Would it be possible in theory to re-insert captions for the images using java script?

I'm thinking it would work by loading the captions from the xml file and detecting the clicks on the image to go back and forth, which can only be done one step at a time when thumbnails aren't present. The script would cycle back and forth through the list and display the caption in html in parallel with the images displayed by simpleviewer.

I want to try to build this, but I'm not that hot with java script. If anyone can point me in the right direction, and confirm it'd work in theory that'd be really helpful in directing my research.

This may be possible using actionscript, but from reading the forums no-one seems to have any ideas, and it looks like you'd get tangled up in the script that does the scaling for the layout. Also, I don't have a clue about actionscript.  :(

Any ideas please?