Topic: Wordpress and pro / Anyone actually make this work?

Has anyone actually made Pro embed in a page (not a post) and used the XML sheet they created.

I've tried calling it withing KML flash embed tags and can get the viewer going great, but access to the XML sheet can't be called. Calling from a location that has it running live won't work, as well as calling it from "wordpress/wp-content/thetiltviewerfolderofmine/xmlfolder".

I'm kind of stumped as I really love pro and would like to place an existing movie on a Wordpress page.

No IFrame solutions, please.


Re: Wordpress and pro / Anyone actually make this work?

If I place Pro in the page in the usual way that is proposed (by Felix) and do not use the KML plug and tags I get my TiltViewer.swf placed perfectly in the page with a transparent BR, the correct number of tiles (blank awaiting pictures) that I have requested.

So this works perfectly. I just need the XML sheet to call my picts and text.