Topic: can't see images on the server

I can't see images on the server. Localy everything looks ok. I double checked file names, but they consist only of numbers (0001.jpg, 0002.jpg and so on) so it's difficult to make a mistake here. I also tried on many ways to change image path in imagedata.xml. I also put there full path http://www....../small/ as somebody wrote here that it helped... but nothing changed. I also tried to change the file name to ImageData, Imagedata, imageData, imagedata and it is still the same problem. I've also asked my provider about "Hotlink Protection" option... but it's not that. What else I can try???

Re: can't see images on the server

What's the URL?

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: can't see images on the server

I had the same problem first but it turned out that it was the cache. Even if I changed the imageData.xml file simpleviewer used the cached file to render.

I suggest you use firefox and download the Developer toolbar: … .php?id=60

With that you can very easily erase "all private data" after each change and that way your changes will take effect.

Hope that helps.