Topic: HOW TO: Hyperlink Thumbnails (solution), morfeoshow Friendly

This is the way I found to turn each Thumbnail into a hyperlink, this is a great way to create a menu or a gallery linking a deeper gallery. I made it to work with the MorfeoShow joomla component.

Note: To have two simpleviewer galleries into morfeoshow, simply hack the "polaroid" gallery into another simpleviewer.

The way it works is to turn the caption of each image into an hyperlink. you or your client can easily change the caption trough the joomla gui, trough morfeoshow component. If the caption is empty, the gallery don't link anything.

I'm not a coder, but i has been searching the way to do this and don't find anything, I hope this may help you to do a great job.

Here comes the code: There are only tree lines of code!


add this variable inside at the end of "download link options" (line 44) (only for a better order)

static var captionLink:String = ""; 

//add this line after the "mCaption_mc.txt....." and before the "}", into the public function showCaption (index:Number)

Options.captionLink = cap;

add this line at the end of  "public function select()". obviously after the last line and before the "}"

if (Options.captionLink != "") getURL(Options.captionLink, "_self");

I hope this will be usefull!