Topic: in slideshow, images become red

Recently created a large gallery, 192 images. While on slide show on my pc it reaches about the 99th photo then the photo's after that are red. On my laptop, it does this around the 175th photo. Right click>open in new window displays the image correctly even though the image shown in the flash slide show is solid red. The thumbnails also display the image correctly. So I have ruled out any problems with the actual images themselves. All images beyond those are also solid red in the flash. This gallery is for an important client of mine and I really need to remedy this problem quickly. I cannot seem to find any other posts of this problem in the forum. Any ideas or suggestions?

The link to the gallery is here www trinityenterprises ca/Photog/ClientPhotog/Broccolini/

Click it into slide show and you'll see what I mean.


Re: in slideshow, images become red

you might be hitting a memory limit in the flash player since you are loading a lot of large images in one gallery. Try splitting your gallery up.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.