Topic: Multiple Galleries in Same Space

I saw you can display multiple galleries on the same page, side by side. Am looking to see if possible, or maybe coming up, to display them in same space. So I would like to see the big picture with 2 bars along it. The Y bar, vertical scroll bar, would have the galleries, and the X bar would have the pics in that chosen gallery. Say have 6 galleries in the  Y scroll bar viewable, maybe 8 in the X bar viewable.

Tkx, TWV.

Re: Multiple Galleries in Same Space

Not quite sure what you are describing here. You could probably do it by modifying the source code. Check the docs section 2.4: … tml#source

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Multiple Galleries in Same Space

I mean if I want to display two galleries. So the y axis will have 2 folder icons for the 2 galleries available, and the x axis will have the photos for the 1 out of the 2 galleries that the user has chosen to view.

Very useful if somebody has a site, with a photos section. Since there is only a single sub page for the photos, (say the site is not only a photos site, but has photos as part of it), one would want to put all the photos on a single screen.

Think of it as a Windows Explorer/Network view, where one clicks a folder on the left, and watches the pictures on the right as Filmstrip.

Re: Multiple Galleries in Same Space

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