Topic: Splitting the Nav and Image?

Apologies if this has been posted, I couldn't find anything...

I am developing a website and ideally would like to move the thumbnails to below the main image or, completely split them off and put them in another div on the page.

Is this possible and if so, how?

I've changed the gallery.xml file to read:


but the thumbs are still displaying to the right of the image.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Re: Splitting the Nav and Image?

i was gona ask the same question please can some one help us i have pro version 1.8

Re: Splitting the Nav and Image?

For the pro version: maybe post your question here? … m.php?f=11

Re: Splitting the Nav and Image?

setting up the NavPosition="bottom" should place the thumbs at the bottom of the main image. In my file it works, check the exact spelling and these minor things or redownload the files.