Topic: Embedded in HTML

I embedded my gallery in an HTML file, and while everything works in my Dreamweaver tests, once I publish it nothing shows in Firefox or Safari but in Internet Explorer it works but deletes my header and puts a box above my footer for some reason. I used a manual download and the only place I differed from the directions was when instead of copying all my simpleviewer files into my main folder with my main .html file, I copied the .html file that it was embedded in into the simpleview folder. The reason for this is because my homepage won't work unless it is named index.html of course, but my simpleviewer won't show up unless its named index.html too, and the same goes for my images folders. The link to the current site is www studioeight12 com/Westra%20Welding/small/Gallery htm
I know its a mouthful but I'd appreciate any help or input.