Topic: Embeding in FLASH, Stage.align


in example of how to include sv in my flash page i see that
Stage.align = "TL";

however, in my movie i would like to embed sv in, i use center align.

when i load sv in that movie, stage gets automaticly repositioned (align is set to "TL" automaticly).

is it possible to prevent this from happening, or is it a must to have my stage
"TL" aligned ?

thank you

Re: Embeding in FLASH, Stage.align

Note that the SimpleViewer FLA sets Stage.align to 'TL' and Stage.scaleMode to 'noScale' in the second frame of the fla. You may need to remove this code if the embedding movie uses a different align or scalemode.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Embeding in FLASH, Stage.align

ok thank you, i'll try
i just wanted to check that removing those lines from sv wont break it.

Re: Embeding in FLASH, Stage.align

ehm, strange. i set stage.align = "C" .... it works, however
when i load sv in my movie stage gets moved ( align = "TL" ) then it gets moved back after like 0.5 seconds..... i even tried moving Stage.align line to frame 1, but i get
the same behaviour. seems like right after i do the loadMovie my stage
gets moved, and then when on frame2 Stage.align = "C" gets executed its moved back to the position i want it in.