Topic: Embedding SimpleViewer into "online website builder&quo


I got SimpleViewer working fine as a stand-alone "html" page, but I can't figure out how to incorporate it into the website I'm building.  I'm using www dot weebly dot com to build my site and they give me an option to add custom html.  Weebly is also hosting the site and I've uploaded all the necessary files to their site.  The only thing that sucks is I can't access the main html page and make changes from there. I DID follow everything on how to embed SV into an already existing HTML page and like a few others, I only get the "SimpleViewer requires JavaScript and the Flash Player. Get Flash." text (the script is also correctly placed in the header).

Has anyone ran into this problem?  I wish I remembered enough html to build my site from scratch..  PLEASE HELP ME!

Re: Embedding SimpleViewer into "online website builder&quo

I am having the same problem when trying to embed into a site created with Apple's iWeb. I have installed the latest Flash player.