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hi. All i want to do, is make a hyperlink that takes you back to home page. i want it to look exactly like the default type (arial i think) and be near the default 'title'

here is what i was told to do

Open index.htm in your htm editor or notepad
insert <a href=" www dot yourhomepage dot com >HOME</a> (where HOME is the displayed link)
anywhere in the code before </body>

but it puts the link at the top left and in an ugly font.

what can i do?


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with inline css it's possible:

<div style="z-index&#58;22; border&#58;none; position&#58;relative; top&#58; -70px;left&#58; 50px !important;">
<a href="index.html"><img src="images/home.gif" alt="Home" /></a></div>

Put this code on your html page and it should work...
My button 'home.gif' is in the file 'images' which just below must be careful where it is - just a link: then you have:

<div style="z-index&#58;22; border&#58;none; position&#58;relative; top&#58; -70px;left&#58; 50px !important;">
<a href="index.html">Home</a></div>

You can add 'Home' as you see here...

border: no border around the button
position: you have to see for yourself where you want to place the button (or the link)

I have a button - not only a link

Look for the example here: … gerie.html

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what do you mean for "with inline css it's possible"

I copied you code, for a test with simpleview pro 1.8 and I don't see the home-link, but if I do on internet explorer "view source" I see that there is this code...

what is z-index:22? or -70px if i put a different number?

your example is perfect, I thought it would go many row under the flash part... (my english isn't so good, I hope you understand)


PS I saw that SV Pro 1.9 has the Home Button, but is up and left on the screen and can't be an image

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what do you mean for "with inline css it's possible"

This code has to be included inside the html-page index.html, below:
</script> and before the </body>

Inline css means that the css code is combined with html, I use for other pages a separate stylesheet called external css:
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="style.css" />
in the <head> of my home index.html (your first page on the server always has to be called index.html)

style.css looks like this for my menu:

#menu &#123;
width&#58; 150px;
float&#58; left;
margin&#58; 0px 10px 0px 0px;

what is z-index:22?

That's css code, it means that my image for the home-button must be on top of other images (background image in my case)

or -70px if i put a different number?

top: -70px; means that my button must be placed 70px from the top...the same for left: 50px: 50px from the left to be visible on the page, you'll have to experiment with it to get the link/button visible

You can put as many rows (enters) as you like in html, it won't show...

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Hi TheCat
Thank you very much for your help and your explanaition.
Now everything works perfectly.

Thanks Again
Zimon :)

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You're very welcome, Zimon

Good luck with your website :D
The Cat  ;)