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I bought today your soft for my Mac, but I don't find the plug in Upgrading for the aperture Template.
Could you tell me where can I find it please?

Thank you.

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to use SimpleViewer-Pro with Flash Album Exporter for Aperture you need to replace the default .swf file that is in the plugin bundle's resources folder.

To do this, do a show package contents (right (or control) click on the file FlashAlbumexporter.ApertureExport) and browse to the Resources folder. Then replace the file SimpleViewer.swf with the your PRO version .swf file. The name is important so don't change it. Close the bundle and use the plugin as normal.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

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Thank you very much Felix  :)

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I have just bout SV pro and am struggling to integrate with Aperture.

I have done the house keeping suggested and swapped what I think is the right file for the simpleviewer.swf file in the Aperture flash album exporter resources folder. There is no difference in the flash album exporter "hud" and when I open sVBuilder to try to modify the new galley, it tells me that it cannot find the simpleviewer.swf file.

What is going wrong? Perhaps I have picked the wrong file int he SV Pro folder to copy to Apertures resources? The file I chose was located in a folder called 'web" is this the correct file?  My version of simple viewer tells me that I have v. 2x but one of the files in the folder I downloaded  is labeled v1.9. Why?

Need some help please. and BTW could someone please write a proper SV Pro plugin for Aperture? Why should Lightroom users have all the fun?



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I have just figured out a fix for myself, but I am not sure it is the fix suggested by Felix. See this thread. … 303#p24303