Topic: Pre-Purchase: Can I... (customizations)

I will immediately purchase SV-pro if it meets my needs.

I am an advanced computer user and webmaster (wysiwyg web builder 6), not a coder. I DO have Flash CS3 pro, but I am not proficient in it.

Can I:

a) Thumbnails in array at left of main image display in natural proportions?

b) Can I place 2 SV-pro viewers on the same webpage? (directly or workaround)

c) Have main view image click trigger an event other than advancing to next image? (ie: image caption to form / purchase selection)


d) Can I place a drop down menu (part of form) on the viewer below main image?

Thank you!

Re: Pre-Purchase: Can I... (customizations)

Yes you can do all of that. SimpleViewer-Pro comes with a multiple gallery example.

For options look at:

www airtightinteractive com/simpleviewer/options html

www airtightinteractive com/simpleviewer/pro/actionscript_options html

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.