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Hi There,

How do I make this line of code work, it's the missing link for me:

static var pagingArrowsColor:Number = null; //color of thumbnail paging arrows (overrides XML 'frameColor' value)

I want to change this color, from what i assume is white to #887e6e in hex or 136, 126, 110 in RGB. When I enter

static var pagingArrowsColor:Number = 887e6e;

it throws everything out of whack. Please help.


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Color values are hex-numbers like this: 0xFF00FF

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

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Thank you for replying, I appreciate it.

I went to a rgb to hex converter and it gave me the same set of numbers www javascripter net/faq/rgbtohex.htm. Is there something I'm missing, some sort of limitations to hex color gamut?

Any help would be appreciated.


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Well, we're both right. 887e6e is a hex number, but in this application it needs to be preceeded by 0x.

So I dropped in 0x887e6e and it worked like a charm.