Topic: argh! Times New Roman

So I just upgraded to Simpleviewer Pro, then realised I needed Flash to change the thumbnail sizes. I can't really afford Flash, so I downloaded the trial version of CS4.

I changed the options action script to enlarge the thumbnails, then republished the FLA file and uploaded the new viewer.swf file to my server...only to meet with tragedy!

My beautiful page now has titles in Times New Roman.

At least Simpleviewer used Arial. Please don't tell me that Pro users are stuck with this donkey of a font. There must be a way of changing it, but darned if I can find it.

Please can some kind soul spare a few seconds to let me know how to change fonts used for the title.


Re: argh! Times New Roman

FAQ #15 … r/faq.html

"Seek and ye shall find"  ;-)

Re: argh! Times New Roman


to change the font for titles and captions, check the SV-Pro FAQ, Q4: … n.html#faq

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.