Topic: Java script drop down menu not working with the gallery

i want to include the header of the page for my galleries to link accross and i would like to import a nice java script menu that drops down over the gallery.
I changed the options in the master page script adding the:
fo.addParam("wmode", "opaque");
as suggested in FAQ, and it worked forsome simple scripts,but when i imported more complicated script it just blocked it.
Example of what i want to achive you could see by viewing the page i am trying to include:www goranakovljevic com/templates/header php

To view how it is not working at all with simple viewer gallery you can go to: www goranakovljevic com/g6/
That is the same page included to a gallery page.

Please help, i wouldn´t like to lose my nice link menu because of simple viewer and i definitely don´t want to let go of simple viewer because of the menu if i could have them both.
Thanks, Milan

Re: Java script drop down menu not working with the gallery

I was vewing my files only in widows ista with IE7, there the menu doesn't work, across all the other browsers and systems it works fine.
So, it is still a problem, could anybody tell me wy does it not work in IE7 with simple viewer gallery. If i play the menu alone in the same browser/system it works.
Thanks, Milan