Topic: IE7 forcing a new window + blocking links

i downloaded today the latest version of SV and got it running embedded into my website (still local), it's wonderful, but..
i'm using windows vista home premium and it seems that IE7 finds an ActiveX control that's recognized as a dangerous one, forcing the SV page to always open on a new window (saying it belongs to a different "protection area" from the rest of the website) and blocking all the other hyperlinks contained on the SV page.
the website doesn't feature any complex content.. just simple css and divs, and it's quite clean. i even did a test with the downloadable example-page itself and the same happends..

maybe just tweaking IE's security options will solve the problem but i currently have the default settings on, which i would prefear to keep as my main reference.

i already tried to force the opening with target="_self" or "_parent" but it just ignores them.. and i really do not know how to solve the blocked-hyperlinks issue, meaning that i found no way to make my footer/header's links work on the same page with simpleviewer.

anyone got the same problem?
is there any way to fix this??

thank you guys.

Re: IE7 forcing a new window + blocking links

Trying running your site from a web server. A lot of those security issues go away.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: IE7 forcing a new window + blocking links

online it works very well.

thank you very much, Felix.