Topic: Lighroom Export used in Wysiwyg Web Builder

Hello, I am struggling with getting simpleviewer to work in Wysiwyg Web Builder 6.  I've tried every configuration i can think of (and that i have found in the forums) but no matter what i try when the page is published i ge a "Gallery Not Found" error. What I need are two things:
1. Simple instrucitons on where to place the Simpleviewer folder and documents within the wysiwyg project folder
2. instrucitons on how to add the simpelviewer to a web page in Wysiwyg (flash or html or other?)

This is a test site for now so there is just one page and one viewer. 

Thanks very much for your help!

Re: Lighroom Export used in Wysiwyg Web Builder


I've never used web builder 6 software so I can't help you with it. For instructions on adding simpleviewer to a HTML page, check here: … /embedded/

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.