Topic: How do I get rid of these?

Hi all,

OK I have been using SV Pro now for quite some time so I know my way around it and have edited the files and others.

I am doing a multiple gallery using the example in the Pro version. The only issue I have is how to get rid of the main image buttons on rollover. I have edited the file to this and republished it;

static var enableImageButtons:Boolean = false; //Whether to use image navigation buttons (arrow buttons that overlay the main image)
    static var hideImageButtonsOnRollOut:Boolean = false; //Whether to hide the image navigation buttons when the mouse is not rolled over 

But I am still seeing the buttons when I move the mouse over the main image. I will also say that I am working straight out of the Flash Embed folder in SV Pro v.1.9. Is this the problem? What do I need to do to get rid of these buttons? Any ideas? Thanks for any help.

Re: How do I get rid of these?

Hi all,

Well as soon as I posted this I realized what the problem was it was user error. It all works fine now.