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Can anyone clarify the process for adding captions in another place on a webpage? I have read a lot but am not clear. My website is here showing where I'd like the captions (but they are not actually set up yet)

I have Simpleviewer Pro. I also have it set up for mutiple galleries (html's) to show up in the same place on the main page (if this matters, not sure) and here is what I've done and what I'm confused about:

I have gone into the SV program and checked in /source/com/airtightinteractive/viewers/SimpleViewer/

I've made sure that next to FixedLayout options it says "False" .. I think this enables you to make changes.

I'm not sure what to do next. I am exporting with Aperture and there is an option in the simpleviewer export to "show captions" I assume I check this box?

But how do I add the captions and position them on a different place on the page. Do I add the captions in Aperture, check "show captions" then go into the code of each slideshow html and alter something? I'm a bit lost, if anyone can clarify it would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Captions in another Location SV Pro

how do I add the captions and position them on a different place on the page.

Do you want your captions moved from under the thumnails to another location in the flash or do you want them in your html? From your question and your site I'm not sure which you are looking for.

To move your captions within the flash:

Found on the pro documentation page at 5. SimpleViewer-Pro FAQ number 3. "To position the caption somewhere else, you can use the fixedLayout AS options to specify a fixed caption postion."

So to move your captions set fixedLayout to true, use captionX and captionY in to position the captions and republish your viewer.swf. You probably will also have to change your width found in this line of your html:

var fo = new SWFObject("print/viewer.swf", "viewer", "500", "500", "8", "#393939");

To move your captions to your html:

If you want your captions in the html this technically could be done, but would involve some flash and javascript coding involving Flash's

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.