Topic: NO resize of the images.


I use SimpleViewer-Pro and i like it.
My pictures have the size of 1000 x 600 pixels and i sharpen and optimize them for that size.

If I open my gallery on a normal screen (>1280x900px), it looks great.
But if I open the pictures with a smaller screen (e.g. 1024x768px) SimpleViewer-Pro resizes the pictures. Unfortunatly i lose quality (sharpness!) because of that.

Is it possible to stop that resizing-function?

I'm thankful for every hint.

Re: NO resize of the images.

There are several thing you can try, take a look at fixedLayout, useSmoothing and enableImageDownScaling in See the SimpleViewer-Pro ActionScript Options page for more details. Remember you need to republish your viewer.swf after changing options in

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: NO resize of the images.

Hi Miker,

thank you very much.
I'll try this and give some feedback here.