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As I understand there is an built in engine in Lightroom for creating SimpleViewer galleries. However, the default engine uses the 'free' version of the swf file (it says simpleveiwer everywhere). How can I upgrade to the Pro version in this Lightroom web engine.


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4.2 Upgrading the Lightroom SimpleViewer Template

To upgrade your Lightroom SimpleViewer Template installation to Pro:

    * Copy the SimpleViewer SWF that comes in the Pro download (at webviewer.swf) to the SimpleViewer template folder inside the Lightroom application folder on your computer. The path to the Lightroom application folder is:
          o Windows: Program FilesAdobeAdobe Photoshop Lightroom [version]sharedwebengines simpleviewer.lrwebengine
          o Macintosh: /Applications/Adobe Web.agmodule/ Contents/ Resources/ galleries/simpleviewer.lrwebengine. (To browse inside a package use ctrl-click and select "Show Package Contents")
    * Restart Lightroom. Any galleries you create from now on will use the Pro swf.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.

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... and sorry, it was obvious, although I tried the search engine of the site... Thanks again...