Topic: Embedding SimpleViewer on a page outside the gallery folder

I'm currently trying to embed SimpleViewer on the home page of a site I'm working on, which is causing me some problems given that it's designed to be embedded only on an HTML page that's located in the same folder as all the other gallery files.

The easy solution would appear to be just dump all the gallery files into the root folder of the site, but that won't really work in this instance, because this is an existing site that already has an images folder, and unless I want to have to go through every page on the site changing every image path, that folder needs to stay there.

So I'm trying to adjust the code to reference the player and the gallery.xml file, but it doesn't appear to be working. Initially I got the "gallery not found" message, but after perusing the FAQ and various forum posts and examples, I added the variable xmlDataPath with the path to the gallery.xml file to the list of other variables in the SWFObject code, and now I don't get that message, but I also don't get any images. Just a big blank space with the SimpleViewer link in the lower right.

The code I've got at present is:

    <div id="flashcontent">
        <p>To view the image gallery, you need JavaScript and the Flash Player. 
              <a href="www adobe com/go/EN_US-H-GET-FLASH" target="_blank">Get Flash here.</a> 

      <script type="text/javascript">
        var fo = new SWFObject&#40;"/gallery/viewer.swf", "simpleviewer", "680", "480", "8", "#ffffff"&#41;;                        
        //Optional Configuration
        fo.addVariable&#40;"langOpenImage", "Open Image in New Window"&#41;;
        fo.addVariable&#40;"langAbout", "About"&#41;;    
        fo.addVariable&#40;"preloaderColor", "0x999999"&#41;;        
        fo.addVariable&#40;"xmlDataPath", "/gallery/gallery.xml"&#41;;    

When I checked the page in Safari just to make sure it wasn't something browser-specific, it helpfully told me there were 37 errors on the page, and perusing those, it appears that it's trying to find the images and thumbs folders at the root level of the site rather than than in the same folder as the viewer and the gallery.xml file. And maybe it's because it's 4am and I'm tired, but I can't figure out how to fix that. Any ideas, anyone?

The test page I'm working on is at www magentamagazine com/index2 php and the gallery on its own can be seen at www magentamagazine com/gallery/ in case that helps.

Re: Embedding SimpleViewer on a page outside the gallery folder

Ha, never mind, I just figured it out! The imagePath and thumbPath variables at the top of the gallery.xml file weren't set (I had generated it with buildgallery.php and apparently it leaves those blank). I set them to "/gallery/images/" and "/gallery/thumbs/" respectively and now it's all good.

I'll leave this post up in case anyone else runs into the same problem I did.