Topic: problem Tilviewer-pro

hi, I bought, pro version, and I already have free version, in photoshop cs4, how I can upgrade the free version with pro version? I read "4.2 Upgrading the Photoshop TiltViewer Script" but the program doesn't upgrade. someone can help me please?

Re: problem Tilviewer-pro

Close photoshop unzip the in tiltviewer-protiltviewer_proweb copy TiltViewer.swf to either the photoshop plugin dir:

    *  Windows: The Photoshop TiltViewer script folder is usually at 'C:Program FilesAdobeAdobe Photoshop CSXPresetsScriptsairtight_interactivetilt_viewer'
    * Macintosh: The Photoshop TiltViewer script folder is usually at '/Applications/Adobe Photoshop CSX/Presets/Scripts/airtight_interactive/tilt_viewer/'

if for some reason you don't believe this worked for you try exporting your gallery as normal and replace  TiltViewer.swf  in the export folder with the  TiltViewer.swf found in the tiltviewer-protiltviewer_proweb folder.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.