Topic: dirtory structure and linking pages.

Hi, I am a complete noob here.. and have test driven simpleviewer and am in love!!  My question is how to use this program with .php?  I have no real experience with code.. only a little bit of hack use with Dreamweaver and .html.  I don't know how to wire all the galleries I want to create in to a website structure.  Normally when using Dreamweaver, all my index and various htmls would be at top level of directory, all the images in images directory etc.  Simpleviewer puts each gallery in its own directory?  How can I wire all of these galleries to one master page with a header and footer? I'm guessing I have to learn how to use .php to do this?

Any info most helpful!!!

Thank you.

Re: dirtory structure and linking pages.

There is no reason you have to do this in php unless that is what you are already using. take a look a the FAQs number 9, 11 and 16. With simpleviewer pro you can load all of the galleries in to one flash file.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.