Topic: Trouble with accents in captions


I have a problem with the captions, i'm using accents on letters because captions are written in french and the characters are not displayed correctly.
I can see some characters with accents replaced by figures like rectangles or even chinese characters! :?
I am in UTF-8 in the XML file and I don't understand why there are some troubles.
If you have any answers please help me! thanks...

Re: Trouble with accents in captions

I have found the solution in the FAQ!:D

6: Non-English characters are not showing in the captions. Why?
To allow non-English characters to show, you must save your XML document with 'UTF-8' encoding (in Windows Notepad you can set this is the 'Save As' dialog). Check the documentation for your text editor.
=> www airtightinteractive com / simpleviewer / faq.html

In fact, the encoding was UTF-8 in the XML but I had not "Encoding in UTF-8" with the toolbar.