Topic: jquery tooltip and SimpleViewer in IE7

Hi Felix,

SimpleViewer and a jquery tooltip  are not playing well together in IE7.

I read about the "fo.addParam("wmode", "transparent");" fix, but it's not solving the issue. Without the code, the gallery covers the tooltip. With that code added, the tooltip comes forward and covers the gallery (as it should) but the gallery becomes un-clickable.

I created a test page to demo the problem at hxxp://ferriccreation dot com/barry/gallery_wmode dot html. Mousing over the flickr link will show the latter condition. Clicking on the portfolio link will take you to an example of the former problem.

Is there a way to keep the gallery working properly AND have the tooltip appear over the gallery?


Re: jquery tooltip and SimpleViewer in IE7

Internet exploder tends to have crazy issues, this one sounds like a jquery and flash issue not a simpleviewer specific issue. I would try looking on the tooltip's site or searching google for jquery tooltip and flash problems.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: jquery tooltip and SimpleViewer in IE7

Thanks for your suggestion.