Topic: Toggle Button for Main Image but keep Thumbnails

I need a button that will toggle the main image on/off but keep the thumbnails. The background image should become visible when the main image is turned off/not visible.


Re: Toggle Button for Main Image but keep Thumbnails

This is something you would have to add in yourself as it does not exist. If you look at the embedded flash multiple galleries example there is a button the hides everything you may be able to adapt this.

Please note that the SimpleViewer-Pro source code is provided 'as-is' to allow people with ActionScript experience to modify as required. Airtight Interactive cannot provide support for all possible modifications to the source code and cannot provide tutorials on how to code ActionScript. … tml#source

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Toggle Button for Main Image but keep Thumbnails

Here's how I addressed my posted issue:    

Changed the Play/Pause button script (in line 250ish - sorry don't know exact line since I've changed the code) to:

private  function onClickPlay():Void{   

I use the background image as a base image with text (describing the project you are looking at) and then the thumbnails load when you click on them. The main image does NOT load automatically because the has the script change of:

Line 76ish:     mSelectedThumbIndex = -1;

This creates a nice project image gallery section that can all be updated and modified by the client. Thanks Miker for the quick response, too!