Topic: Image Quality?

Hello, I'm looking for some advice and any feedback is greatly appreciated.

How do I maintain the highest image quality possible? It seems when I run the gallery the images displayed in the viewer are obviously much softer looking even though I know the original picture size is adequate enough to display them pin sharp.

The viewer is embedded into another page...does this make a difference?

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Re: Image Quality?

Use sRGB color profile, save for the web, and export your jpg with as little compression as possible. Also check your simpleviewer settings to prevent down scaling.

7: My images appear smaller than the originals, or image quality is reduced. Why?

SimpleViewer will scale down images to fit in the browser window. This is to allow the whole user-interface to appear in the browser without scrolling. Down-scaled images may appear to be lower quality than the original. To avoid this, either make your images smaller, or increase the size of your browser window. Also, check your maxImageWidth and maxImageHeight value matches the width and height of your largest image (in pixels). You may also give your gallery a fixed width and height (see Question 10).


28: Why do my image colors look different in SimpleViewer versus Safari?

Image colors may appear washed-out in SimpleViewer compared to the same image in Safari. This is caused by the fact that color profiles are handled differently in Safari versus Flash. To make the image look the same in Flash and Safari save your images using the sRGB color profile. In PhotoShop, use 'Save for Web'. Uncheck 'Embed Color Profile' and check 'Convert to sRGB'. … r/faq.html

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Image Quality?

Thank you for the post. I have now fixed the problem. the maxImageWidth and maxImageHeight values were too smal and just needed increasing.

Cheers Miker!